Meet Brooke

Hi! I'm Brooke.

I'm a woman who has been happily wielding her camera for nearly two decades. It has always been, from the beginning until now, for love's sake that I have taken pictures.

I love what passes between the people groups we call families when their hearts are full of love. I like to catch that in a frame. the look on a mother's face the moment her baby is pulled to her chest for the first time takes my breath away. I love the details that reveal the essence of a place, a moment, a person. I like to catch those, too. I love the way that light falls across a face or a space. I love "found beauty," the kind that exits in the ordinary moments and places, whether you're trying or not.

It took me years, but found my niche within photography a few years ago. You know that moment when you finally are able to narrow it down to THE thing you are meant to be doing, and to say "no" to all the rest? Well, for me the niche is all photography that celebrates families in their raw form, and unveils the beauty that's found there. Practically speaking, this means that I photograph:

Giving my resounding YES to these specific forms of photography has been so life-giving for me as an artist and as a person, and I am confident -- more than ever -- that I'm giving my clients something truly beautiful, valuable, and soulful. 

I'd love to collaborate with you to tell the stories unfolding in your own family. This is the kind of investment you will never regret having made. and to show you why I'm so confident about that, read this. And if you don't want to take MY word for it, peruse this.

Photo by  Cherith Hope Photography , June 2017

Photo by Cherith Hope Photography, June 2017

A few tidbits about me (photographers are people, too):

  • I live in a 150 year old farm house on an acre of green earth just a bit outside the city, where we wander in the surrounding woods, keep chickens, and make lots of bon fires.

  • I am married to a man who I believe is one of the best human beings on the planet. It was nine months between the day I first laid eyes on him and the day we said "I do." He plays the guitar and is a pastor of pastors and regional coordinator with 24-7 Prayer USA.

  • I am a mother to a precocious girl named Hazel June (born June 2011), a tender-but-fierce boy named Gus Abraham (born March 2013), an entertaining boy named Walter Solomon (born March 2015), and a zesty little girl named Maeve December (born December 2016). Their births and their lives have transformed me.

  • I am a birth junkie. that just means that I love learning about and sharing wisdom about natural and home birth. I also offer holistic, sisterly support for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum through Sister Birth, as well as an online course for crunchy christian mamas seeking a joyful, natural birth.

  • My ideal vacation will always include a body of water. I love to look at lakes, listen to their waves, and swim into their deepest sections. Creeks are therapy. Also, trees.

  • I almost always wear neutral and muddy colors, and am rather distracted by the brights ones. Mostly I shop at thrift stores. Mostly my clothing is all cotton, because my skin needs to breath.

  • If you want to get me going on a conversational topic, you can't lose with Enneagram or natural birth.

  • I belong to a beautiful spiritual family called the stockbridge boiler room.

  • Above all else, I love Jesus. He is alive and lovely and true, and he is worth getting to know intimately.

Please, I'd love to connect if any part of you feels inclined toward collaborating together on creating a set of images that will be treasured for years. 

Bless you,