Birth Doula Services

A birth doula is a special companion for a woman in the weeks leading up to her birth and through a week or so following birth. The support and service offered by a doula reaches its height during your labor and birth, at which time the trusting relationship we've developed gets to play itself out in really tangible ways. Knowing you're understood, that your wishes have been heard, and that I am fully in your corner allows you to relax into your birthing experience with confidence that you will be cared for in exactly the ways you need and that you'll have help navigating each decision/development you encounter along the unpredictable journey of birthing your baby. 

Because of the continuous support doulas offer throughout labor and birth (in other words, we don't work on shifts, and we don't just show up right before you push your baby out), studies have shown that the support of a doula has significant impact on everything from duration of labor to decreased interventions. (Read Statistics)

What's Included? Keep reading...


Before Birth

  • Free consultation/interview
  • 3 prenatal visits at your home or Brooke’s home office (one with your OB/Midwife if you want)
    • Creating an effective birth plan
    • Planning for a restful and supported postpartum
    • Basic childbirth education and birth rehearsal/imagery
    • Processing and releasing fears
    • Encouragement of and advice on holistic wellness practices 
    • Assistance packing hospital bag or gathering home birth supplies
    • Prayer (optional)
  • Access to large lending library of pregnancy, birth, postpartum and breastfeeding books
  • Referrals and Recommendations for additional and ongoing support
  • Around-the-clock availability via text, email and phone in the final stretch of your pregnancy

Labor and Birth

  • On-call from 38 weeks to 42 weeks
  • Emotional, physical, and logistical help throughout your labor 
    • Emotional encouragement, truth-speaking, birth affirmation cards
    • Holding space to promote peace, positivity, and trust
    • Provision of counter-pressure, massage, reassuring touch, someone to lean on, hydrotherapy, application of essential oils/homeopathy/herbs, bringing food/drink 
    • Suggestions for and help getting into different positions
    • Support for partner (e.g., calming presence, coaching him to coach you, relieving him when he needs rest or food/drink)
    • Resources and reminders of birthing options, translating OB-speak ;)


  • 1-2 in-home postpartum visits
    • Set up of a meal train
    • Opportunity to revisit and debrief your birth story
    • Help writing your birth story
    • Assistance with establishing a breastfeeding relationship


Note: Many clients want doula support AND birth photography. If you'd like to have me do both of these things at your birth, we can build a discounted bundle of services. Let's talk!