My love affair with birth, and my passionate belief that all women should have the opportunity to birth supported, empowered, and educated started before I even had my first child, but was strengthened and multiplied by each of my own births and the 50+ births I've witnessed with a camera up to my eye. Over time, my work as a birth photographer started to develop some doula-like flavor, as my photography clients began seeking me out not just for photography-related questions but also for questions about natural childbirth, and for my support and peaceful presence during their labors and births. 

So I became a doula, certified with Birth Arts International as of July 2017.  BAI is one of the most comprehensive and holistic doula training programs in the US. My education as a counselor and a certified holistic health coach, combined with my diverse experiences as a birth photographer, help equip me to be a unique and skilled birth attendant.  It is my unwavering belief that birth can be trusted and that most women can — if given a chance and adequate support and knowledge — birth their babies in power and love. I am just as passionate about educating and encouraging women to have transformative pregnancy/birth/postpartum experiences and set families off on strong beginnings together as I am about documenting that process in stunning imagery.