family photojournalism :: the malinowskis

"I was wondering if you've ever done a photojournalism session in the woods?" she asked. 

The truth was, I hadn't. Except little tidbits of it with my family on our own adventures and trips. But the idea was a brilliant one, particularly for THIS family, who so loves and frequents the outdoors together. She explained that nature walks were something they often did together as a family and wanted documented, but because they were so busy simply enjoying one another, and because they'd had a string of broken camera issues, they were lacking photos of this favorite past time. I asked her to tell me more about a typical hiking adventure for their family. It included nature guidebooks, their dog Molly, the collecting of beautiful things, the stopping to wonder and explore. 

Jessica and Eric have a real gift for being present to one another and to their world. Hiking through Seidman Park for a couple of hours on a Sunday afternoon was such a gift to  my harried soul. We saw so many beautiful things around us, and I got to see so many beautiful things between them. 

Come for a walk with us...


If you look at this and your wheels start to spin with ideas for your own out-of-home family photojournalism session, I'd like to hear more about it. You can tell ANY story in this way, and I'd be so happy to collaborate with you on it. Maybe you have a special weekly experience with your daughter's dance class, a favorite restaurant you frequent, or an upcoming trip to the beach that you'd like to capture? The sky's the limit, friends. Dream on!