smile :: the wolfman family

Mark and Janelle have been moving all around the country for the last few years. There had been so many new starts in new places, and somewhere along the way family portraits got neglected. They hadn't had any since their son was born (he's 1.5), and so were so excited for this day.

Janelle knew she wanted some solid portraits -- the four of them dressed in a coordinated color palette and smiling at the camera -- but she also appreciated my family photojournalism work, so I did a hybrid session for them at their home. I guess it ended up being mostly family photojournalism style, but i love the portraits we came out of this session with as well. It was really natural to move between the two types of shots, all while keeping a playful feel so that the kids would be smiley and not require too much bribery (note: if you bribe your kids to behave during family photo sessions you are SO not the only one; all of my clients do this!). 

I think these children has some of the brightest smiles and brilliant eyes ever. 

Tip from Mark and Janelle: to get candid smiles out of your small children during a portrait, try subtly tickling them in the ribs or under the arms as they sit in your lap or are in your arms. Works like a charm. But be sure maintain a normal portrait-worthy facial expression on your own face while doing this.