family photojournalism :: the ott family

in the still-dim morning hours of a saturday during advent, the Ott family can be found in the kitchen making cinnamon rolls (from scratch!) and drinking hot cocoa with whipped cream. their littlest one, not even yet 2 months old, is still sleeping soundly in her room while they do this, and as they decorate the personal christmas tree of their 7 year-old, schaeffer, in her bedroom. none of them can wait for gracie to wake up, so they gently rouse her, dressing her tenderly by a space heater, before heading out into the living room to decorate their huge christmas tree together. daddy snuggles a drowsy gracie while schaeffer and mommy put all their most special, memory-rooted ornaments on the tree together. christmas music is playing softly in the background. the timer goes off for the cinnamon rolls, so they frost them, dish them up, and gather round the large coffee table to enjoy them while doing the day's advent reading. after that, it's back into mommy and daddy's big, luxurious bed for family cuddles and reading books together. i think they could have stayed there for quite a bit longer, but i dragged them out to the sofa for a couple smiley family portraits before taking my leave. i imagine the rest of their saturday together was as cozy and warm and full of love as those first two hours, and i'm a little sad that i couldn't stay for all of it. 

happy advent and merry christmas to you, Otts!