year in review :: 2014

this year has been incredible. starting it out, i was sure i wouldn't get as much work in 2014, as i dropped senior portraits, weddings, and engagements from the list of services i would provide. i took the plunge and decided to focus almost entirely on storytelling, family photojournalism, and birth photography. i added milk time sessions and workshops, because both are about moms and their little ones, connecting in real ways. i followed my heart and decided i'd rather spend any precious time away from my family doing things i actually love doing, rather than just whatever work i can get to make money. and, truly, it has been the best decision i could have made. the work God gave me to do this year has exceeded my expectations in every way.

here are some 2014 statistics...

this year has been more than i expected or imagined, and has been plenty of business (and fun!) for a woman who still considers her primary job that of stay-at-home-mommy. 

YOU, dear clients-turned-friends, have been so generous with me. 

so THANK YOU... for letting me witness your most intimate miracles, for allowing me to document the fleeting connection of feeding your babies, for sharing your tender new-parent moments with me, for meeting me in parks to play and smile, for welcoming me to come into your homes, for trusting that i'd be able to see and show you something beautiful about your ordinary... i am absurdly grateful.

YOU have, very sincerely, made my life fuller, richer, and happier.

now, in pictures, the year in review...