personal :: a christmas tree story

I wasn't going to post this because i'm not very proud of these images. see, i was carrying Gus around on my hip for much of it, or holding someone's hand, or unwanted mittens and boots, and it was a lot of one-handed shooting, which made me feel really limited. plus, Hazel was wearing an outfit of her own choosing, which was a cacophony of mismatched patterns, and i was feeling annoyed at her for ruining an otherwise perfectly photogenic moment. then when we got back to the house, i was annoyed by all the unsightly clutter around the room, littering the background. but then i got to thinking that this is the sorta stuff i want to be about, the kinda stuff i ask YOU to do, dear client: to let the real be what it is, and to call it beautiful, because it is. (of course, when i come photograph you, you aren't multitasking child care and photography, so we have to give me a little bit of break!)

so, in an imperfect, but still heart-warming and memorable way, i present to you, the photos of the day we went to Bosch Choose-and-Cut Tree Farm and selected our tree, then took it home and put our vintage and handmade ornaments on it.