birth photography :: will

to say that i am supportive of home birth is an understatement. enthusiastic is really a better descriptor. i love almost everything about a birth story that happens in the context of home. there's the unique, homey, warm, personal atmosphere, the qualitatively excellent care of midwives and doulas, the empowered and surprised-by-her-own strength laboring mama... and the fact that once it's through you have no where to go other than to your own familiar bed, tucked in with the ones you love. 

jessica and her husband were a little nervous at first to tell their friends and family that they were planning a home birth. they anticipated some back-lash in people's reactions (things like, "is it really safe? i would be so worried if i were you!"). even after will was born, jessica still was hesitant to directly state the fact that he was born in their home. but after a few weeks, she became very bold, as the reality of how awesome what she had just accomplished really was. she was proud of the story they'd written together, the team that they were, the baby they had birthed, and the way they had done it. it was such a joy to see her confidence alongside the absolute delight she has in her son. 

i arrived for this birth in the middle of the night. it was dark. like many birthing mothers given the choice, jessica opted to keep most of the lights off. so i bumped up my camera's ISO, opened up the aperture real wide and went about photographing her labor process without using a flash (i'm pretty committed to that). but then the dawn came, and the room brightened, and a couple hours after sunrise, will was born into the lovely morning light where we could see his perfect little face clearly. 

please enjoy this amazing birth story.