life & light :: a workshop

just before Christmas, i announced that i'd be teaching my first ever photography workshop. it was a workshop that would teach women how to use their DSLR cameras to their full potential, but also would include conversation and tips about family photojournalism, telling stories with our cameras. and all of this would unfold in my cozy living room around the wood stove with old quilts over our laps. we'd share meals together and root the techy talk in the beautiful messes of our daily lives. it was a beautiful dream in my heart. 

and within 12 hours it sold out. so i made a second group. 12 hours and that one was also sold out. that's when i knew i'd hit a chord. my excitement grew. 

the original "flier" for the workshop

the original "flier" for the workshop

yesterday, the first group went through the workshop. they were my brave and good natured guinea pigs. and they were wonderful. 

and the day was such a dream. we waded through all the technical information about exposure and metering and focal points and depth of field and ISO and all the rest, and as we did, light bulbs were going off over every head. which, i have to say, is THE most gratifying thing to observe whenever you're trying to teach something to someone else. we wandered around and practiced making images in manual mode, looking for beautiful light as we did. we trouble-shooted and gave feedback on one another's images. we talked about the beauty our lives contain and how to tell the story of our lives using our vision combined with our technical savvy. and so much more. 

the second group meets this upcoming weekend and i'm really ready to go at it again. 

if this is something you're interested in participating in, keep an eye on my FB page and on this blog, as i'll announce a summer date something in March. 

meantime, here are a few shots from the day.