'round here

our kids are nearly-3 and 1 years old. there is abundance of life -- messes, laughter, screeching, falls, triumphant firsts, hugs and kisses, and all the rest -- that comes along with living with tiny people. and one of the most satisfying hobbies i have is photographing that life. i use my iPhone a lot these days, but remain committed to breaking out the Big Camera relatively often, too.  i'm hoping that what this hobby accomplishes is the creation of a photographic record of their childhoods, of my marriage, of our home and our people. this feels important, not optional, nor merely fun. 

which is where the nudge for teaching the Light and Life workshop comes in, I guess. i want others to know how to do this for their own families, too. tell your story, people. you will never regret it. 

anyway, here's a random sampling of recent life at the Collier house (really, just at our own house).