birth photography :: gwen

it won't be long before i'll have THREE very recent births and fresh, squishy newborn photos to show you, because 3 is the number of births for which i am on call this month. but while i wait, i'm gearing up by revisiting births i photographed in the last two years. here's another one, and such a special one. 

Wendy is one of my heroes of motherhood. she's crunchy, yes. like, if she took one of those crunchy mama quizzes, she'd come out as the top rating, i'm sure. but i think what really inspires me about her is how she takes motherhood in stride, undaunted and even-keeled as she adventures into the world with her little ones by her side. 

Gwen was born on garrets' family property, on the giant screen porch at dawn. all you could hear from outside were chickens softly clunky, crickets chirping, and the wind in the grasses. a little further off were the cows. no other houses or people in sight. it was a really magical birth. and it was one of the first times i got to see the strength of a woman in natural labor and delivery, how peaceful it could be, how much a woman and her baby could cooperate to accomplish birth. 

Also, my stellar midwives, Sara Badger and Jodi Borsk of Simply Born, attended this birth. Sara sat there knitting and watchful, trusting completely the process that was unfolding a few feet away. but when sweet Gwen seemed to be lagging in taking her first breath, Sara very calmly and with incredible competence, gently suctioned her with her own mouth, clearing her airways, before handing her back to her mama, where she easily took over the new job of breathing for herself. Homebirth midwives may not have the benefit of all the medical technology immediately on hand, but they have their ways! :)

If you'd like to, you can also read wendy's telling of gwen's birth story here