personal :: long days, short years (Part 2)

it wasn't long before Gus was born that i settled into my "signature style," which is what we photographers call the combination of shooting and editing that we consistently do to achieve a consistent look that clients will associate with our "brand." i've been happy for this, because it means that -- unlike hazel's life -- Gus' life thus far has been documented in a pretty cohesive style. 

but that's not really as important as that it is documented at all. it's actually neat to look back through past work, before i settled into my signature style, and be able to recall my own growth as a person and as a photographer over those months and years. 

mom's don't get to be IN the picture very often, but we can get clues about ourselves by looking at the photos we've taken through  a different perspective. see, the subject of the photograph is only part of the story; the one who is seeing and showing the subject is the other part. it will be interesting, years from now, to see not only this record of my childrens' growth, but of mine as well. 

one other thought: in my last post about "long days, short years," i wrote about the limitations of Smile and Mini-Sessions. i fear i may have cheapened them. i didn't mean to. see, i think they're great. in fact, i try to put a little bit of that "portrait" element into each photojournalism session i do, too. conversely, i always try to put a little photojournalism into my portrait sessions, by capturing the moments in between the poses and "cheeses." so that flavor runs through every type of session that i do. 


without further ado or more random thoughts, i offer you what you really came here for: a small selection of Gus' first year, photojournalistic style.