family photojournalism :: the verwys family

a [long] while back, i submitted a photo session to an auction benefiting a cause related to birth education and alternatives in the greater Grand Rapids area. Emily won that auction, much to her delight. she was giddy, which made me feel great. still, it took about a year to finally get the session on the books, as we waited for the birth of her daughter and the renovations of their new home to occur. finally, the day arrived. 

i walked into their amazing, totally unique space and watched them all play together happily for about an hour. they had a family dance party, played on the floor, read books, baked cookies, and cuddled in their hammock. i did this session in the family photojournalism style, because i had [rather easily] persuaded emily to let me do it that way. :)

two daughters looks like lots of fun, doesn't it?! not that i'd trade my son in for a second daughter. ;)