family photojournalism :: the huffs

katie, chris, and their kiddos tucker and savannah, registered for one of my spring mini-sessions a little while before they were given a hard-to-swallow diagnosis for tucker. and though the diagnosis made sudden sense out of so many behaviors and struggles over the previous two years, it also puts a certain weight on the future, a weight they were carrying with them on the day of mini-session sunday.

so, coming into the mini-session -- which are usually more posed, intentional family portraits -- they did not have high hopes of achieving a hold-still-and-smile set of images with tucker. honestly, that was (and is always) more than okay with me. so, we threw that expectation out the window and i said, "let's just follow him around and play. we'll see what happens." with the tension thus diffused, and tucker free to be his wild and active little boy self, we climbed fences and lept off them, did a few rounds of peek-a-book from the men's outhouse, and finally kicked off shoes and got into the creek. 

the end result is something that i just love. a story emerged that is really about tucker (but don't feel too badly for savannah, she had her own "milk time" session recently). to me, these photos celebrate tucker, in all his wild wonder. looking through these images of him playing, and his family right there with him in the midst of it, you can't help but fall a little bit in love with the cutie.