personal :: first haircut

she'll be 3 years old in less than a month. she has never had a haircut. i was afraid that if i cut it, the curl would be lost, because i've heard horror stories. but the hair was... um, BIG. 

after beginning to imagine what a slightly shorter cut might look like, we decided to go for it. our neighbor-friend Chelsea came over from across the street, scissors in hand, and set up shop on the front porch. she's a pro, and a darned good one (you can find her here, if you're interested). 

hazel was looking very sleepy and i wondered if she might even doze off during the haircut. but drowsiness coupled with a large orange balloon aided in holding her still. also, the chocolate chips that were promised as a reward at the end. :)

so, here's the story of my daughter's first haircut, on the front porch of our house, by a good friend, at the age of 35 months...