birth photography :: arielle

teresa's sister had the idea of purchasing birth photography for teresa and her husband travis as a baby shower gift. i just have to say, that's pretty much one of the best ideas ever! forget the motorized baby swing that will be useless after 4 months! birth photography is a gift that gets more and more meaningful over time. i thought that was a really amazing idea, and so thoughtful. 

when the birth day arrived, NO ONE knew that teresa was in labor at the hospital. so there was this delicious secrecy to the whole thing. teresa and travis were in it together, so in sync and mutually supportive. there was lots of laughter between contractions, and an open-hearted quality in both of them that was a gift to witness. 

because they did not know the baby's gender, they had a little list of boy and girl name possibilities lying in the window sill when i arrived. i peaked at it, wondering which of those names was going to be put into use in just a few short hours.

their labor process was smooth. they were blessed with a beautiful day, as gorgeous natural light streamed through the windows the entire time. their nurses were jovial. and because teresa had an epidural, she was relaxed and joyful, and we had a really lovely time "hanging out" in those final hours and minutes leading up to their baby's birth. 

i'm a bit at a loss for words to say just how sweet this couple is, how well they love one another, and how fortunate little miss arielle is to be born into their love. but i think you'll be able to see it in the pictures. so, without further ado...

as an aside: you all know that i love bartering. well, when i met them for their maternity session, they paid me with homegrown, whole CHICKENS. they were huge. and cooked up beautifully. you also are welcome to propose a barter!

also, an update: i'm filling up for birth photography in 2014. i can still squeeze one in for the first part of June. November and December still have openings. so, if you've been sitting on the fence, sit there no longer, friend. climb down and give me a call. :)