personal :: a breakfast story

this month i decided to invest a bit in my own growth as a photographer. so i enrolled in molly flanagan's visual storytelling class at the define school. i knew that in some ways it wouldn't be revolutionary, since the art of family photojournalism is one i've been practicing for a while, and offering to clients. but molly is tremendous, and under her teaching i've been happily stretched by her perspective, her wit, her humility, and the way that she clarifies the art of telling a story with pictures. the homework assignments have been invitations to slow down and really examine my process, what i'm doing and why. i'm learning to be more careful, more sparing in the number of shutter clicks, more intentional in how i compose an image so that each has purpose.

for my week 4 homework assignment, i had to tell as story in 20 images or less. so... 

this is the story of our weekly breakfast with [some of] the stockbridge boiler room core leadership team and vision course student, in which we eat pancakes, drink coffee, worship jesus, and are happily interrupted a million times by our kids. 

thanks for listening to my story. i'd be delighted if you'd allow me to tell one of YOUR stories in 50-75 images. :)