life with a newborn :: ellison

about 6 weeks ago, i photographed ellison's birth. then my favorite thing happened: her mom and dad also invited me back for a newborn session. i'm always so glad when i get to see the babies whose births i photographed, whether by watching them grow on facebook or photographing them with their families later on. 

here's a few bits of fun background information to flesh out the story these images tell...

  • amy created the loveliest, and most unabashedly girly nursery for their sweet girl. so we hung out in there quite a while. the walls were the palest whisper of pink. 
  • i got a little carried away when darren leaned over ellison and started tenderly touching and talking to her. absolutely heart-melting. also heart-melting was darren carrying ellison around in his dirt bike shop, talking with her about the adventures they'd have in the future. 
  • though i'm not really a pet photographer, darren and amy's pets -- a dog and a cat -- were very present throughout their session, and i think they add something so special. both are protective of the newest member of their family. 
  • amy is a dancer and just generally a mover, which has translated into ellison being rather addicted to movement. there was so much swaying and bouncing going on during our session, that my camera's auto-focus was working hard to keep up. :) but i just love that ellison still craves her mama's unique movements, and goes to calm when she's in her arms. 

without further ado, here's ellison at [almost] six weeks old...

also note: this is session is a pretty typical example of how i do newborn sessions. i'm not a baskets/headbands/props/body-wraps/poses kind of photographer. i prefer to keep babies in the spaces they normally occupy, and in the arms that are usually holding them. to me, this seems the more authentic thing, the thing i'd want to catch in a bottle and keep forever. it's what's so sweet about newborn-hood. of course, this is right in line with my family photojournalism practice. :)