birth photography :: rosie

mitch and lauren found me rather last-minute. that's because it took them a while to realize that they wanted a birth photographer. it was seeing mitch's sisters photos, and hearing her brother-in-law say that they probably were even more valuable than their wedding photos, that finally led them to do a google search for "grand rapids birth photographer," a search which, happily, led them to me. when they contacted me, they said it was the "bonus" part of my birth photography package that was the clincher: namely, that i pray while i shoot. :)

later, sitting across from one another in my living room, they told me what they were envisioning. i wouldn't actually be in the room during the birth; instead, i'd be in the waiting room, along with 12-20 of their friends and family, documenting the story of their eager anticipation, and the moment when mitch would walk into the room and announce the birth and gender and name. this is a moment that they KNEW would get incredible reactions from their families. and they were right! after six hours in a waiting room with them, i came to realize that these are passionate, expressive, deeply loving and devoted people. 

when lauren's labor took an unexpected turn and seemed to be stalling, mitch came out to the waiting room, not to announce the birth but to ask for prayers. and that mighty army of loved ones joined hands in a circle and interceded for lauren and for the baby. and when a c-section was deemed necessary, the parents went into the L&D room, laid hands on lauren, and prayed again. finally, after rosie was born, mitch got his triumphant moment of announcement. and it was totally worth waiting for. 

rosie was totally worth waiting for. 

i'm so impressed by the incredible community of loving support mitch and lauren have built around themselves, a community which rosie is blessed to be born into as her inheritance. 

here's some images from her story.

I look forward to growing with your family over the years, mitch and lauren. here's to many more beautiful photographs of your beautiful selves. 

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