life with a newborn :: hazel ruth

there are an absurd number of connections between myself and this family! we were set up by their friend, who purchased them a newborn photo session as a baby shower gift. little did she know that we'd have so much in common. like a home birth midwife team, the birth dates of our daughters (3 years and 1 day apart), the NAMES of our daughters, a keen interest in PBS's Call the Midwife, a shared faith, and a slew of mutual friends. hanging out with ray and jerika felt like a reunion with old friends. so easy. 

both of hazel's grandmothers were present for this session, too, as they'd been staying very near at hand in the days following her birth, ready to nurture jerika and lessen her workload as she spent over a week resting in bed on midwife's orders (our midwives did that to me, too :)). God bless the mamas of the mamas. you are needed!

and this baby!... hazel ruth's birth was remarkable: a home breech birth (seriously amazing)! you have to wonder what a beginning like that means for the story her life will tell. and she is so wanted, so adored, so delighted over. many gentle hands cradled and caressed her, as voices spoke truth over her about her belovedness. oh that we could all enter the world so swaddled in intentional love. 

as an aside, i just have to say that i'm loving photographing newborns more and more these days, as i find my stride and style within this category. i'd love to do this for you, or for someone you love (baby shower gift?!). 

happy day, friends.