personal :: attention diverted

we became refugee foster parents this year, in a short-term transitional program. it has been one wild and incredible adventure. each time, the kids who come to us seem to have been specially chosen for us, and they become more of a blessing than a chore, though the work will always be challenging. 

but we've been in the thick of a particularly difficult placement the past week and a half. it's a placement which draws to a close this weekend, if all goes as planned. and this has taken every ounce of energy i can muster, has brought me to the end of myself and reduced me to tears more times than i care to tally up.

meanwhile, i miss this space, miss dreaming about photography and documenting my own family life, as well as photographing others. i'm glad to know that i can give a bit more to those things again quite soon. i think we'll take the rest of the summer off from foster care.

tonight i'm off to South Haven to photograph a rehearsal dinner in a candid, photojournalistic way for a delightful bride. and on Sunday, it's the second Milk Time : A Unique Photo Event for Breastfeeding Mamas, which is nearly, but not quite, sold out. Particularly right now, when I'm running on empty in the foster parenting department, these opportunities to get out for a bit, seeing and celebrating the connections and love between others, camera in hand... well, that's serious self care. it's my therapy.

and, just because a post without a photo is hardly a post at all, here's a recent shot of my little family sharing a meal on the front porch, between our last two foster care placements. love them so.

so, what's going on in your corner of the world?

happy first day of summer!