family photojournalism :: the englishes

nathan is an accomplished photographer. i mean, seriously. and his wife jana is a creative culinary whiz. we have indirectly known one another through mutual friends for several years now, and i that time we have each had 2-3 kids and have grown tremendously as photographers. but more important than the photography fellowship and good cooking (hehe), and what draws me to this family, is their sincere love for one another, their integrity in all things, and how real they are with one another and those who know them. they radiate Jesus, even via social media and in passing interactions. 

so when i was searching my mind for a family who might be game for allowing me to do some portfolio-building in the form of a family photojournalism session, nathan and jana came to mind quite quickly. happily, they were game for allowing me to join them for a usual thursday evening in their home with their three tiny people, ben, norah, and olive. 

i was so warmed by this evening with them, just soaking up their goodness and chatting in the spaces between action moments. 

thanks, guys, for letting me in. you're beautiful. 

what follows is probably too many photos, but it was just too hard to narrow it down. should i apologize? nah! ;)