birth photography :: isabella fox

it's always simultaneously flattering AND a little nerve-wracking to be asked by another photographer have his/her family/birth photographed. that's not jamie's fault. she actually never once made me feel anything but confident and competent. thanks for that, jamie. :)

jamie is actually such a gifted photographer that she managed to do her OWN maternity photos. i just love this set of images she made of her with her husband, near to their EDD. take a look, because i think it's really fun to see the "before" photos of baby isabella, en utero. 

jamie is one of the rare women whose water actually broke long before she went into labor. that happens all the time on TV and movies, but is statistically very unusual in real women. this odd event was only the beginning of the oddities isabella exhibited during her labor and delivery. she was sunny-side up, and she was laying on her cord, which caused her heart rate to decelerate dangerously whenever jamie was in certain positions. all this created some intense moments, and also very nearly an emergency c-section. 

before i met them the hospital, jamie was hours into laboring drug-free with the support of ryan and her mama. but just before i arrived, and following the c-section scare (as in, the OB had her down on the operating table, ready to go), she opted for an epidural, in order to allow herself to relax in a way she hadn't been able to do in the face of the pain of back labor. 

she and ryan got in a good nap before sunrise, when it came time to push. the epidural began to wear off a bit, and jamie was feeling and working through her contractions with incredible focus and endurance. her mom and SIL became a powerful birth team, coaching and encouraging her through every hard contraction, while her dad and brother and husband sat very near, feeling the weight of her struggle and offering their quiet, supportive presence. i'm telling you, it was a FULL room. a family affair! 

at last, not long after "golden hour," miss Isabella completed her descent and emerged into the bright room, blinking and wailing. i'll never forget jamie's face, her tears, and her arms reaching down to her baby with that intense and instantaneous love. and the faces of all of her family, who had really been IN it with her for so many hours. wowsers. 

here is a selection of images from isabella's birth:

every birth, such a gift. thank you, jamie and ryan, for choosing ME to witness and document yours.