family photojournalism :: the saigeons

michelle, eric, and sienna found me when baby maxwell was still en utero. we did a playful little maternity/family session at the nature center, and eagerly anticipated max's upcoming arrival and the in-home session we had planned to celebrate his coming. 

after a couple reschedules due to maxwell being "late," and other small schedule interruptions, we finally got to do it. maxwell is now 6 weeks old, but he's still new. he's chubby and yummy and hardly made a peep of protest the entire two hours i was with them.  

a few context details that might enrich your viewing experience:

  • they do montessori style for sienna's bedroom. everything is at her level, including her bed, which is just a mattress on the floor covered with plush pillows. such an awesome space, and so empowering for this little two year-old. 
  • they have a family dog name leila, who is getting on in years. she has to be carried up the stairs each night to go to bed with her family. her relationship with sienna is particularly sweet. 
  • it was really fun to see some of the family photos i took of them a couple months prior on their walls and shelves and fridge. 

now, i'd like to invite you to come along with me into the saigeon's lovely east town home, where you can plainly see every detail is chosen with care, and that this family has built a rich life of love around themselves. 

so grateful we found one another, michelle and eric. i know we'll get to see one another again, and i'm already looking forward to it. :)