birth photography :: spencer james

while sipping beverages at a favorite coffee shop downtown, kati and i talk and talked about photography, about home birth, chiropractic, and new motherhood. her depth and spirit struck me as we spoke. this woman approaches life with a softness that's rare, combined with a rootedness that makes her unshakable. 

in the days leading up to the birth of her son, kati was soaking up all the empowering, natural, home birth stories she could, and patiently remaining present as one day, then another, then another passed after her EDD. 

finally, 8 days after his EDD, labor began. it intensified in the dark hours of night, and i joined them a little after 2 a.m., shortly before she hit transition. clearly feeling the pain, she never wavered, and never tried to give up. jed was right there with her, so "in the game" with her. we teased her afterward because the "worst" thing she said during transition -- a time when so many women swear or try to run away -- was, "i don't know about this!" 

when her baby's heart rate was showing slightly worrisome decelerations, her midwife looked her in the eye and told her it was time to get down to business and get that baby out. and in an instant, kati centered herself, gathered her courage, and proceeded to make the most productive pushes you can imagine. in just 30 minutes of pushing, and in spite of a few tense moments in which he was a bit stuck, kati moved her sweet baby out of her body and onto the bed, where he was tenderly caught by their midwife and coaxed out of his "wind-knocked-out-him" state and into a healthy, full-throttle cry. 

within 30 minutes of his birth, their new baby BOY (it was a surprise) received his first chiropractic adjustment from his daddy, complete with kisses on the forehead. it was incredible to see the calming effect of his daddy's touches, and how his crying slowed and ceased as his tiny spine was brought into alignment after a difficult birth passage. 

afterwards, jed and kati kept looking at one another and saying, "we did it! we have a child!"

i was a bit sad to take my leave, but happy to know that the scene i was looking at was exactly the one they had dreamt of and prepared for: a new family, in love, snuggled in bed at home. 

kati and jed, i'm so honored that you invited me into this space. and so impressed by you.