life with a newborn :: rori

becky is a brand new mama. she is also the best friend of one of my dear clients, jessica, whose maternity, birth, and newborn photo sessions i was lucky enough to do. it's my favorite thing to meet new clients who are friends referred by previous clients because the links that bring us together are friendship, and they've already seen and appreciated something i've done and know they want the same for their own family. so ideal. 

and indeed, becky and mac and rori and rufus (that's the family dog) were as kind and interesting as i would expect them to be based on their connection to jessica and her family. as i photographed them, i listened with high interest to the story of their lakeside home, which they had just moved into after spending years dreaming up and designing together. i love that this was their family project, and that they are now welcoming their newborn daughter into a completely unique, one-of-a-kind, and highly personalized home, where they anticipate growing old together. 

and rori. well.... rori is just fantastic. fresh and wide-eyed and lucky enough to spend much of her time cradled in the arms of two of the most tender parents you can imagine. 

the images toward the end of this session were taken at the lakefront property that's been in mac's family for generations, and which will be a part of rori's childhood "normal" for years to come. i just love that: roots that go deep into history and indefinitely into the future. i also love all rori's facial expressions in that set of images. :)

thank you so much, mac and becky.