life with a newborn :: oakley

oh, you guys. i am sitting under the weight of no less than seven sets of photos to edit, upload, and blog. it's actually a pretty joyous feeling to know that at any time i have a wide array of photos to work on, since the culling and editing is normally pretty enjoyable to me. i sometimes daydream about stealing moments of time to get into the groove and work through a set. sadly, this doesn't happen as easily as i'd hope. i only have five hours of guaranteed "office time" each week, which really isn't enough. 

but that's a ramble. let me get to the real point, which is this handsome baby boy named oakley.

oakley's mama emily is dear to me. so dear. it was through the stockbridge boiler room that she came into my life and through which we became a part of the same family. there have been so many occasions for celebration: her wedding to james, buying their first home, their pregnancy announcement, her mother blessing ceremony, and then the saturday morning that i got a text message with his incredible little face in it, telling me he had been born. what joy. and to now be able to share the wonderful and challenging world of motherhood with her has me feeling pretty grateful. 

when oakley was just over a week old i headed over to their house one sunny september evening to do a Life With A Newborn session with them. they'll tell you they aren't very comfortable having their photos taken, but you'd never guess, would you? 

enjoy this little snippet of their new life as a family of three (four if you count the dog, gunner). 

pretty stinkin' adorable, aren't they? happiest sigh.