family photojournalism :: the griffis'

I'm not really sure how I got so lucky as to become the photographer who gets to return, camera in hand, to photograph this family year after year. But that's the truth of it. And though I have loved it every time, and have delighted in seeing Jude and Isaac grow and change from session to session, this year's session is really particularly special. 

See, Jordan and Lindsy have said "yes" to their Father's invitation into the adventure of adoption, that expression of the Father's heart that almost no other human endeavor can match. Somewhere in China, a little girl is waiting for this family, and this family is fighting for her, through mountains of paperwork, through communication mis-haps, through agencies and governmental red tape, through financial sacrifices... they are intent on bringing her home. 

This time around, we decided to do a family photojournalism session of a typical weekend morning, so that they can use these images of their family at home -- playing, creating, cuddling, living -- in a photo book that will one day soon get sent across oceans and land in the hands of their daughter, so that she will be able to close her eyes and imagine herself inserted into these scenes, with all the affection and security that that includes. So that, until she can be brought home into their arms, she can feel their love in her imagination, and see the space they are creating for her. 

Does. Not. Get. Better. 

Jude and Isaac, I can't wait to see you as big brothers to your small sister. Jordan and Lindsy, thanks for doing what you're doing, and for inviting me in on the tiniest bit of your journey. I am so eager for you to hold your daughter in your arms. 

PS: If you are someone who believes in and supports adoption and also happens to like my photography, stay tuned! Because I'm scheming with Lindsy to do an adoption fund-raiser for their family in the spring, and it will include you being photographed in exchange for your donation to their adoption! Hooray!

PPS: If you or someone you know is adopting and needs images similar to this for your/their dossier, please get in touch! I'd love to arrange something at a discounted rate for adopting families.