family photojournalism :: at home with the coopers

first off, in the interest of full disclosure, this is an off-season, practicing-for-a-class photo session for which i begged our friends jordan and charis to let me have 30 minutes of their time on a friday afternoon to do my homework on them. :)

the class i've been taking is called Light + Life, which I promise you is a coincidence and bears no association whatsoever with the workshop of the same name which i teach! this class has been challenging me to slow down and be more deliberate and thoughtful in things such as seeing light, metering in different way for different scenes and for different looks, using rules of composition (and artfully breaking them), and fine-tuning my flow for setting up and planning sessions with clients. good stuff! 

now back to the coopers. these two are a phenomenal couple. they are joyful and intentional, they posses great taste and deeply-rooted loyalty. they are following jesus with their whole lives, whether in outright ministry positions or in the restaurants and bars at which they are or have been employed. our family does life pretty closely with them (golly they love our kids well!), but it was a special sort of time with them to just become a fly on the wall of their friday afternoon, soaking up the mutually-respectful and enjoyable companionship that's woven into their family culture.