maternity leave and birth photography

hi all!

this blog post is basically photo-free, and serves just to update you potential clients on my availability in 2015, as we prepare to welcome a new baby into our family (EDD March 28). 

between now and March 10, i'm happily still doing family photojournalism and portrait sessions (anyone want an outdoor, playful winter wonderland session?! or a cozy, in-home storytelling session of sweet family ordinariness?!). what follows are details for March 10 - the end of the year.

for birth photography:

i will not be photographing any births with EDDs in April or May or early June. if your EDD falls during this span of time, contact me for referrals to other excellent birth photographers. 

i already have a late june, late july, and early august birth booked. i will be accepting one more july birth, but it will need to be a home birth, so that i have the option of brining my newborn along. he will be exclusively breastfed (God willing), so I plan to wear him on my back to births during the first few months, and/or lay him down to rest in a portable crib in an unused room in the house where the birth is taking place. i recognize that this may seem odd to some, and so we can talk through the what-ifs regarding that situation if you have any hesitations about it. 

august is our family's sabbatical/vacation month, and so i will not be taking any more births besides the early august one i have already booked. 

i am WIDE OPEN for births with EDDs on or after September 10, 2015 (haha, maybe because these babies are yet to be conceived!), and expect to be able to accept home and hospital births after that date. i will only take two per month.

please get in touch and arrange for your birth photography as soon as you can in your pregnancy journey, as i expect the limited number of available slots will fill quickly. 

for family photojournalism and portraits:

i will not be booking any sessions in the months of April or May. i expect that I may be able to offer limited numbers of sessions in June and onward (with the exception of most of August), but will be playing it by ear based on what sort of baby i end up with and how thoroughly he rocks our world. :)