family photojournalism :: the srebinski family (part 1)

this session is going to have 2 blog posts because I just can't narrow it down. i break all the photo blogging rules in the world with pretty much every blog post. were you aware of that? "they" say that you should only show like 20-30 photos per session MAX. but I say, "to heck with it! there's so much beauty to share!" and then i proceed to share like 60+ photos per session. and that's not even the full gallery that my client has, guys. i'm totally out of control. but in a good way. i think. 

anyway, this family is just great. recently transplanted to Grand Rapids from Chicago, they have been living in this sweet apartment built in an old church building, having rented it sight unseen. and though it's unique and new and has sweet stained glass windows, and is located in a really fun historic district downtown, they are looking forward to an upcoming move into a house next month. at first, Erin wasn't sure she wanted their family photos done in this temporary home of theirs, but she quickly realized that actually YES, she does. because someday they'll be sentimental about this place, and because this is where their life has been unfolding in this season, and it is where their curly-haired, lively boy has been coming into his own as an almost 2 year-old. 

i joined them on a sunday morning as they made pancakes from scratch, played with cars and trucks, sat down for a meal, and then got ready for a walk. (i went for the walk with them, too, which is what part 2 will be about). 

so here they are: erin, keith, theo, and mosley (the dog)...

Join us next week for a walk to the playground. 

And get in touch to set up a session like this for your own family. I have limited sessions available each month, so don't delay.