family photojournalism :: the srebinski family (part 2)

last week i left you with half of a session with this darling family. and this morning i'm bringing you the second part. in which we walk -- in fits and starts -- to the neighborhood elementary school to run and play. and back again. 

we also stopped a couple times to take a few smile-at-the-camera family portraits. and here i must insert a brief aside: if you've been on the fence about family photojournalism because at the end of the day you're a sucker for a good, smiley portrait of everyone's faces, you needn't fear. i get that. and that's why i always include it in a family photojournalism session. in a typical family photojournalism session, you'll mostly just do your usual activities while i document it all, but once or twice i'll pause you and ask you to cuddle up, look at me, and smile. in this really laid-back, fleeting, and candid manner we'll make a few solid portraits of the entire family. then we'll move back to the slice of life stuff. 

just a simple walk on an autumn day can be filled with so much beauty. 

Also, it is NOT too early to get in touch about booking a session for this winter or early spring, as I'll be taking on a pretty limited number of sessions each month. Reach out if you're at all tempted.