family photojournalism :: the kent family

selina moved out to Portland from Wisconsin after high school to pursue her music studies and spread her wings a bit. it was there that she met fellow wisconsinite graeme, who had relocated to the area about a decade before her. funny that they had to move across the country to find one another, but isn't that how it seems to go?

now this pair is building a life together filled with music and reading, cooking, church life, sharing a pipe on the porch, being amused by their cat, home improvement projects on their apartment, keeping up with studies and start-ups, and having long walks in which they stop to appreciate all the plants in their neighborhood. it's just the two of them for now, but they know that things like buying a home and having kids are in their future. so often people wait until they have kids to be photographed as a family, but selina shared with me that she wanted to freeze THIS season in time. she always enjoys hearing stories from her parents about their life before having children and has often wished that she could somehow SEE it. by doing a family photojournalism session, she and graeme will be able to satisfy the curiosity of their future children and show them who and how they were before they became parents. what a fantastic idea, yes?

spending an evening with these two was cozy and affectionate, full of sensory deliciousness and brimming with the energy of the dreams that they carry in their hearts. 

right now, wherever you are, whether you feel like you've "arrived" at some requisite spot on your life's timeline, it's worth documenting and keeping, tucking away for some future day when you'll say about THIS time, "ah, those were the good old days."