fresh 48 :: samuel mark

december opened up with the birth of my newest nephew on the 2nd. i was there for his sunny-side-up birth, and was their birth photographer, holding back tears and grinning like a fool as this little boy (! -- his gender was a surprise) on whom i will have the honor of doting for many many years appeared through his courageous and long-laboring mama. 

i also came back several hours after he was born. Mama and baby had been moved to their rest and recovery room, had been cleaned up and changed into clean clothes, and my brother was bringing their daughters, aged 6 and 3, to meet their baby brother for the first time. both the grandmas were also there (having also been at the birth).

this is essentially what we call a Fresh48 session, and many of you may not realize that i offer these. which is why i'm going to show you what one might look like. Also click here to read more about them. 

As you can see, Fresh48 sessions are photojournalistic (as is everything i do), focused on a very narrow span of time and in a very specific place. it aims to capture in an unscripted way the vulnerability and tenderness of those first miraculous days with a new baby. For those who don't think they are up for full on birth photography, or who have smaller budgets, this can be an amazing option. please reach out, and we'll talk about what this might look like for you.

now leave a little love in the comments for this beautiful family.