family photojournalism :: the melville family

janna and jeff, after living in other cities during college, put down roots in their neighborhood nearly a decade ago. they love it just as much now as ever, and all that affection and settledness is evident in the home they've made together, into which they welcomed their sweet son Oliver this spring. 

you're invited to come take a peek at an evening at home with them. there's nothing spectacularly unique going on here, and yet it is absolutely, authentically and only THIS family's story: blocks, books, and the doggie always nearby, kisses and baby seats, bath time and meal time, cooking while wine-sipping, nursing and bedtime, grown-ups relaxing after baby is sleeping. this is the good stuff. 

and on a shallower note, i'm a bit enamored with the way they decorate! oliver's nursery is amazing and features the best wallpaper ever! and their kitchen cabinets!? bold and delicious. :)

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