milk time (vol V) & light+life workshop

The last two weekends in a row I've hosted events at our home. I like this act of inviting people into my personal space to be photographed or to learn, because I like to be human, and I like to keep things feeling personal and cozy, not stiff or formal. The downside: all the cleaning and preparation that needs doing the night before (yes, last minute, because we all know that cleaning the house sooner than that would be absolutely pointless, as the children would knock it all out of order again in about 1 hour). But I'm SO blessed to have a husband who is on my team, and who also happens to be amazing at accomplishing whirl-wind de-cluttering and cleaning feats. I couldn't do it without him. 

On the 15th, we had Milk Time at our house for those who had to miss the original date due to the crazy snow storm. Six women and their babes popped over for the event. Here's a little gallery of images from that sweet time. 


On the 21st, I had my 4th Light + Life workshop. All 5 spots were filled, and we had a lovely time cozied up all warm in the living room learning how to master our DSLRs and sharing life stories and perspectives while the temperatures outside remained frigid. Here are a few images of these lovely ladies at work shooting our "live models!" They did an amazing job. Don't they look empowered? They are telling their cameras who is boss! :)

These were some of my final acts as a professional photographer before beginning my maternity leave (except I still have one birth to attend!), and what a great way to wrap up an amazing year. I'm ready to rest, to take a little break from making photographs for other people, and instead to point my camera at my sweet baby boy, whose little face i cannot wait to see. I'll try to pop in here and blog a few images of him after he's here, and maybe even share photographs from his birth!