milk time :: breastfeeding portraits (vol IV)

Michigan weather nearly foiled our plans for this milk time event. In the end, I created a second date for those who didn't feel it was wise to journey through all the thick snow and quickly-forming ice to get here, but 8 of the mamas were present for the original date. 

It was a cozy day for sitting inside and nursing little ones. Everyone was a great sport. This time around we had in our ranks a nursing mama who is also very pregnant, a set of 5 month-old twins, and "last baby", a miracle baby, a very new baby, a nursing toddler, and two little girls who brought their own babies to nurse. 

This time around we also had several moms who work outside their homes full time and have to do the whole pumping routine, sometimes in less-than-ideal set-ups. They persevere because they know it's worth it, and I hope these photos will be something concrete that they can keep in their pump bags as a very present reminder of WHY they keep at it. 

I love the variety, and I especially love hearing little bits of each mama's story. The mother-baby nursing relationship has so many variations of normal, and each one is beautiful, wrapped up in a thick blanket of incredible love, which I hope you can see as you look through this slide show!

For the mamas and babies who weren't able to get there on this date, we're having another event date on February 15, so soon I'll be back here to show you some MORE beautiful nursing portraits. Can't wait!