life with a newborn :: william glen

kristin and i are OLD friends. the since-10th-grade kind of friends. the kind of friends who started off on a bad foot but later found our way into something sweet and enduring. one of the most delightful parts about knowing her for so long is having known her from a time when she swore she'd never have kids, then through heart changes and then a slightly hesitant entrance into motherhood... and now, the present day, when i see her holding and kissing her little boys with an obvious glow of contented love. isn't this the best example of eating your own words? ;)

william isn't technically a newborn in these photos. he's three months old. but i actually really like that, because by then babies are wide-eyed and engaged, and the family has settled into their new status as a family of 4, and it's just a really sweet stage. it's just a different sort of special. (actually, i think Life With A Newborn sessions could be done a few times throughout the first year: at two weeks, 3 or 4 months, and 6 or 7 months... maybe I should have a package deal for that??)

i also really loved watching jeremy -- the daddy -- during this session because he's so engaged and so naturally playful. these boys are super lucky to have a dad like this. 

without further delay, i give you a little peek at a saturday morning with kristin, jeremy, jonathan and william!

I'll have one more session to show you next week after my FINAL family photojournalism session until June. unless i have a baby before then. but i'll try to hold out until after the session. ;)