milk time :: amber + violet

Occasionally an at-home Milk Time session is necessary. In this case, Amber was hit with a suddenly-weaning 2 year-old and she knew she wanted to capture some nursing memories on film before it was too late. So, I made a trip out to their homestead to do a little Milk Time mini session. Violet didn't actually latch on for very long, but the few minutes that she did were sweet and cozy. I love how she squinted her eyes as if to pretend that she was sleeping. Such peace. 

Because we knew Violet wouldn't nurse long, we used the remainder of the session to capture some sweet cuddles between Amber and both her littlest girls. I really love these photos of them. And thanks to you, Amber, for being a perfect re-entry into shooting after my maternity leave. :)

For those interested in having your own Milk Time session, there are two upcoming dates in the works, which I'll be announcing very soon. But have a new twist on them! How's that for a teaser?! ;)

Hold your babies close today, friends.