personal :: a visit to two sparrows farm

it was such a happy day when i got a birth photography inquiry from whitney, because i could tell she was a like-minded mama with a beautiful spirit... AND she and her husband are dairy farmers. we ended up doing a partial barter of services/products, and that is how i got hooked on their high-quality and uber-delicious raw milk. 

i had my own baby just a few weeks after their beau was born. so both of us have been preoccupied with feeding and growing our tiny new sons. but with the arrival of the warmer weather, i knew i wanted to prioritize going out to see the farm from which all this amazing milk (and eggs and chickens!) was coming from. besides that, little cece and hazel had gotten along so well when we met at my house for her birth photography interview, and they'd been asking about one another since then. 

whitney and dan are SO open about their farming practices. it's very inspiring how thoughtful, honest, earth-kind, and animal-friendly it is. they welcome people often: "come see!," they say, and they mean it. there's nothing to hide. 

we had such a lovely morning with them, and we probably stayed too long, but it was just so hard to pull our city-dwelling selves away from that serene and fresh-aired place, and the company of this wonderful family. 

you'll notice my gus is pants-free in these photos. free range kids right here. and the part where gus is crying? the caption should say, "it so noisy!"

by the way, stay tuned for more of this place and this family, because they have a family photojournalism session on the books. i can't wait to get out there again to officially photograph them! 

one more note and heads up: my session prices will be increasing a bit on july 1st, so if you've been on the fence about booking a session or making me "your" photographer, now would be a good time to make something official. :)