family photojournalism :: the hughes family

There's a certain quietness to a day with a baby. It's never very eventful in the way you've thought of eventfulness (is that a word?) before having a baby, but it's better somehow, too. In these two hours, Callan and his parents played on the floor with the baby gym, read books, cuddled on soft beds, had a brief walk outside, changed a diaper, had a bath, and went down for a nap. These are not remarkable activities, but no two families do these common activities in quite the same way. That's one thing I love about in-home family photojournalism!

Baby Callan (7 months at the time of these photographs) has a gentle spirit, and he invites you into a sweet restfulness. His mama and daddy are so present to him in every moment. You get the feeling they are always deeply communing with one another. It may be that they don't take things for granted as some of us are often prone to doing, because they've been dealt a diagnosis that demands that. In this family a hard thing has become an invitation to live and love with attentive intention.

It was a gift to be invited in to capture a bit of that. I hope you can feel the love spilling out of the corners of these images.