Make Me "YOUR" Photographer

Inspiration hit the other day, probably while I was in the middle of some random mundane task. And the idea came from the history I have with several of my clients, whom I have been allowed to photograph at multiple points through the years. I love watching individuals, couples, and families grow across the years. And I love that they value coming back to be photographed over and over again, because they believe it matters to have a record of their family life. When it's ME that they choose to do this for them, it's one of the greatest honors and joys. 

Above you can see one family that I've photographed at least 4 times. This is Jordan and Lindsey.

  • Top Left: 2012 - Jude is about a year old and another baby is on the way in this mini-session.
  • Top Right: later in 2012 - Isaac has joined the family and we did an in-home Life With A Newborn session.
  • Bottom Left: 2013 - another mini-session in the park for this family of 4, now that both boys are a bit bigger.
  • Bottom Right: 2014 - we did an at-home family photojournalism session as they are anticipating the adoption of their third child fro China (they're bringing him home this weekend, in fact!)

Personally, I tend to be a curator of varied photography for my own family. Meaning that I haven't chosen and settled in on a single photographer for our family. It's because I follow and admire so many gifted photographers, and I therefore enjoy saving up to hire a different one every two years so that I can watch them work and see my little family through their lens/perspective. Therefore we have a diverse photographic family record, and each photographer is such an artist in his/her own way that I feel like I have a little art museum, except that my family is the subject of each artist's work. 

Which means that what I am about to launch feels a tiny bit ironic to me. Because it invites you to do the opposite of what I'm in fact doing. I'm going to invite you to loyalty and commitment that spans years. I'm going to invite you -- if you resonate with and really love the way that I see things and the art that I produce -- to make me officially "YOUR" photographer

This is a 5-year "plan" that locks you in at the current session and product prices, and gives you significant discounts off every session and digital file set you purchase over those 5 years.

If yours is a family that values fine art family photojournalism that's authentic and unscripted but also beautiful, this is for you. This saves you lots of money (!!!) AND holds you accountable to getting your family history told through family photojournalism (which is something I know you probably intend to do but it's so easy to let it slide).  Another perk: You get a consistent body of art to display throughout your home. 

Please visit THIS PAGE to see more details and to sign up.