life with a newborn :: ezra jay

another one of my dear friends, alicia, with whom i also share a baby-having schedule, welcomed her first son at the front end of june, just a couple months after my own. he is welcomed by two very enthusiastic big sisters, a hard-working and nurturing mama, and a very proud daddy.

his birth came very soon after the completion of a major project for this family: they converted their two-unit home back into a single-family home, and moved all of their bedrooms upstairs. they are enjoying expanded space with room to grow, and room to hopefully welcome housemates, too. 

alicia also had a landmark birthday in april, turning 30, which i think is the most wonderful age.

we figured that the start of another decade of life, the "new" house, and ezra's birth were three excellent reasons to take an hour and freeze-frame their family in the midst of all these milestones. and i'm so glad we did. i love this family: the simplicity of their lifestyle, the kingdom work they have devoted their lives to, the hilarity of their girls, and the squishy handsomeness of baby ezra. 

enjoy this little snippet of a friday mid-day with them. 

If you're living in the middle of a unique season of life, going through transition, or about to make a big change, you have a good reason to do this type of session. it can preserve some pretty potent memories in a really authentic and lovely way. reach out. i'd love to help tell that story.