milk time (vol VI)

for this edition of Milk Time, we did some creative thinking so that we could get outdoor sessions for the many who had requested it. i knew we needed a space that had some scenic but private outdoor options but also an indoor location that was photograph-worthy in case not everyone wanted to be outside, or if it were to rain. that place turned out to be my house! which meant i had to send my own kids away for the afternoon to tidy and rearrange and clean both the house and the yard. it was a lot of work, so i hired nick at Rise Grand Rapids to do the bulk of the food prep. He brought over some delectable treats to spoil us all rotten. 

by the time the 2-hour event was over, 10 mamas with their babies had come and gone, many of them lingering to chat and snack and change diapers before or after their turn in front of the camera. it's the loveliest way to spend two hours, let me tell you!

also, for the first time ever, i had the privilege of welcome two mamas with bottle-fed babies. i'm happy to be able to celebrate all the many variations of how babies get fed. the connection that can be felt between a baby and his/her mama when being cuddled and fed is palpable in the air. every time. every way.

there will be one more opportunity to participate in Milk Time this summer. Friday, July 17 at Renew Mama Studio. Go HERE for event details and to purchase your ticket!