life with a newborn :: beau xavier

beau was born on a wednesday in march, and when he arrived his family's farm stood still for maybe 24 hours -- or rather was put in the hands of a farm babysitter. then whitney and dan were right back to the milking, the feeding, the moving of livestock, the breeding of the pigs, and the delivering of milk and eggs to their CSA members (like me!). theirs is a real life working farm. 

when it was time for beau's Life With A Newborn session, dan and whitney knew that the true story of life with beau was also a farm story and a family story. beau is with them everywhere they go, accompanying them via arms, stroller, or baby carrier to all the many farm chores and errands. so i joined them on a friday for their evening chores. both beau and his big sister ceci (age 3.5) are fully integrated into the process, and ceci even carries a good size amount of responsibility, which she does with a serious sense of importance and deftness. and beau -- who is so good natured and easy -- just smiles and coos as he watches it all. no doubt he'll be chipping in with chubby toddler hands within the year. 

this is a really special farm, too! a small one happy, free-range animals that graze on pasture and eat non-GMO food and all other manner of wonderful wholesomeness. i don't have all the language to talk about the thoughtful way that dan and whitney are running their farm, but i can say that the raw milk and the eggs are incredibly delicious and i can also point you here to read more about what they are doing, in their own words. but here's your chance to see it up close and in action. 

i have some july openings still for family photojournalism and life with a newborn sessions. and i won't be shooting much in august, probably only 2-4 sessions total, so please get in touch if you're interested in having me tell a story with you.