family photojournalism :: the saigeons (again)

june is birthday month for both siena and max. this year, siena turned 3, and max turned 1. growth is so obvious and noteworthy at these ages, so even though i had just been to their home last year to photograph them -- while max was a tiny baby -- michelle asked me to return. this year bassinets are replaced by floor beds (they practice montessori at home!), 3 word sentences are replaced by a fully conversational vocabulary, the toddler has become a kid, and the baby is well on his way to toddling. but what remains constant is the warmth, the color, the affection, the "crunchiness" of their lifestyle, and the beauty of the space that they call home. 

this photo series starts at 8 a.m. on a sunday morning, which also happened to be father's day. right as i walked through the front door, max started making sounds to alert his mama that he was awake, so we got to start this session with those precious just-woken moments, in which little ones are still blurry-eyed and cuddly. siena was excited to present her daddy with a father's day card and gift, then they enjoyed a family breakfast of bagels, kombucha (well, actually, siena wasn't too keen on sharing the buch), and watermelon on the front porch. the dressed and diapered and brushed their teeth. then they planted a watermelon seed, enjoyed their new sensory table, identified the bird perched on the roof next door, swung and slid, and drew with sidewalk chalk. 

a thousand ordinary moments thoughtfully lived build a beautiful life. come see. 

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