smile :: the fergusons

Erinn and Adam recently signed up to make me their photographer, an honor that makes me pretty happy because i think they are super awesome. Their beloved Lily took to me right away, wanting to hold my hand on their family walk (melt my heart!), which I would happily have done if it didn't sorta take away from the idea of a family photo session. :)

This couple is great to be around. They radiate humanitarian kindness, creative expression, genuineness, and tenderness toward one another. Taking this quiet walk with them around the perimeter of the meadow behind their home was pretty therapeutic. This trail -- and especially the HUGE tree along it's way -- has been a frequented spot for them in the years they've lived here, full of memories, including carrying Lily out to that giant tree when she was only a couple of days old, standing in hushed wonder at the sacredness of life. 

I invite you to come along on our walk. But first, a note. This is a Smile Session, which means it's shorter and includes some more posed images, in which they are looking at the camera and smiling. But as you'll see, the photojournalism elements are also still present, as I tried to tell this mini-story of a family walking through a favorite place together. This is the sort of thing you can also expect if you book a Smile Session for your family.

Alright, here we go...