life with a newborn :: jonathan micah

LaRaye and Micah were brought together quickly and clearly as they both chased their primary love: God. They were engaged rather spontaneously one morning in the kitchen of the home they now share, after worshipping and dancing together there. They became pregnant pretty quickly after getting married, and this whirlwind romance of theirs now includes a son name jonathan, who is about 2 months old at the time of this photo session. 

With world sufficiently turned upside down by parenthood -- as it always is! -- they knew that even in the midst of all the adjustments and sleep deprivation they wanted to capture the essence of this tender time on film. So I joined them one afternoon for all their little ordinary moments with their sweet son. From a nursing session in the nursery, to a smiley diaper session, a walk to their favorite neighborhood park, and the making of bullet proof coffee that they then sat down to enjoy while jonathan napped peacefully in the wrap, there's so much peace and affection here.