life with a newborn :: gavin

baby gavin is at home with is mama and daddy and two big brothers. this blended family thought they were complete, but God gifted them with gavin, which is likely one of the happier surprises they've ever received. and in the six weeks since he's made his arrival, he's already knitting their hearts closer together. 

you can tag along for a little snippet of their mid-day, in which gavin wakes from his nap for cuddles and nursing with mama, then all the attention from his adoring big brothers before they meet up with daddy -- whose business office is located in the workshop behind the house, which means he can swing by for lunch and whatnot -- for more family cuddle time on the sofa, some time outside with the horses and the rope swing, and a visit to the workshop. then amy takes the boys on a walk and bike ride down the trail in their front yard. 

there is so much beauty in the simplicity of simple life lived humbly and with great love. can you see that between the lines of these photos?